Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tips to Avoid 3 Common Usage Errors

Tips to Avoid 3 Common Usage Errors

How to choose between:
Fewer? or Less? * Who? or Whom? * Bad? or Badly?

Fewer? or Less?
If you mean “not as many,” choose fewer. If you mean “not as much,” choose less.
 Examples: I bought fewer pencils. I ate less pudding. (Use fewer when items can be counted.)

Who (Whoever)? or Whom (Whomever)?
Find the verb nearest the word in question.  If found in front of the verb, who (whoever) is correct. If it follows an action verb choose whom (whomever). If it follows a linking verb, choose who (whoever). Whom (whomever) follows a preposition.

Bad? or Badly?
Badly describes an action. He danced badly. 
Bad describes a feeling or emotion. (I feel bad.)
Always use the word “bad” after linking verbs such as: look, feel, seem, and taste. (You look bad.)

Click here for an easy to use interactive PDF that students can load on their computers and complete without any help from the teacher.

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