Saturday, May 23, 2015

Organize Your Life: Press the Reset Button

Simple Steps to Organize Your Life

One of the best gifts we can give ourselves is that of organizing our time to make our days easier and eliminate some of the stress that often comes with each new day. I call it pressing the reset button. Today is done. Start over tomorrow.

 I try to always take a few minutes at the end of each workday to prepare for the next day. I make a list and prioritize the things that I hope to accomplish tomorrow. I leave myself notes and place sticky notes on folders and books that I plan to use.

 Pressing the reset button can work for you, too. No matter how tired you are, take a few minutes before you leave your office or your classroom to clean off your desk and tidy up your work area. Be sure that when you return, you will find a neat, organized space in which to work. 

 This system works at home, too. Take time each evening to prepare for the morning that will follow. The extra few minutes you take to prepare will save you so much stress and tension in the morning when you are pressed for time. 

 Try to do the following things before you go to sleep:

* Prepare your lunch for the following day or decide where you will eat lunch.

* Be sure the kitchen and bathroom are neat and tidy.

* Decide what you will have for breakfast and put out the dishes and flatware you plan to use.

* Decide what you will wear and lay out your clothes and your shoes. (Don't wait until morning to discover that one of your shoes is nowhere to be found.)

* Place any items you will take with you to work or to school near the door. (Your keys, your purse, your briefcase, and maybe a note to remind you to take your lunch.)

 It may take you a few moments at the end of the day to press the reset button, but the following morning you will be so glad you did, and you can start your day without stress and worry.

Why not try it, or use a similar system that you devise?

It works for me.

Thanks for reading. 

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