Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Here’s a great idea for a Mother’s Day Gift!

How about helping your mom relax with a good book. You can give her a Kindle ebook as a gift and deliver it within moments. No shipping charges, no wrapping paper, and if your mom doesn't happen to have a Kindle, she can easily download a FREE Kindle reader for a computer, a smart phone, or a tablet.

Find the book in the Kindle Store that you wish to give to someone.
To gift a Kindle book, click the Give as a Gift button located under the Buy button on Kindle Store product detail pages.

To complete your Kindle Book gift order:
  1. Enter the personal e-mail address for your gift recipient. You can also choose to send the gift to your own e-mail address, and forward the e-mail directly to your recipient or print the e-mail and personally deliver it to your recipient.
  2. Enter a delivery date. If you don't select a delivery date, the e-mail will be delivered immediately.
  3. Enter an optional gift message. If you'd like to preview the notification your recipient will receive, click the Preview your gift message button.
  4. Click the Place your order button to finish your gift purchase using the Kindle 1-Click payment method.
Note: Make sure you enter the personal e-mail address for your gift recipient, not their e-mail address.
Gift Notification
Your gift recipient will be notified of their gift at the e-mail address you provide. We will send a notification at the time the gift order is placed.
If you don’t have a book in mind, may I suggest my latest novel. 

The Greatest Gift by Charlene Tess
Click on the Cover  

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