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I love books. I love to read 'em, and I love to write 'em.

This page will have information about novels and short story collections I have written. Several of them are co-authored with my sister, Judi Thompson. Our pen name is Tess Thompson.


The first book that my sister Judi Thompson and I wrote as a team is Accidental Angel

Readers identify with Doctor Shane Madden and Nurse Dena Quinn, and it remains, even today, as one of our best selling books.

Dena Quinn, a nurse at a Colorado hospital, witnesses a serious car accident. When she pulls Doctor Shane Madden from the burning vehicle, he swears that she saved his life."Tess Thompson has woven a tale of romance, intrigue, and suspense that is guaranteed to be a page-turner."


Second Daughter is a romantic suspense set in Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Philadelphia. 

JW Kelley’s life has spiraled out of control following a devastating incident when he was with the Secret Service protecting the Vice President’s family. His dreams and his spirit shattered, he returns to his hometown a changed and damaged man. Years later, Katie Curtis, the Second Daughter seeks help from the only person she can trust as she runs for her life in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a cruel and cunning killer. 


When an Angel Whispers is the first book in the Chance O'Brien Trilogy.  This is a romantic suspense novel set in Houston, Texas.

Book 1 in the Chance O'Brien Trilogy

Macy Adams, a beautiful college student, is abducted and brutalized by a vicious serial killer known as the Bayou Butcher.
 She escapes with the help of a guardian angel and Houston Police Detective Chance O’Brian. After fleeing her captor, she tries to start a new life but is plunged back into his murderous grasp by circumstances beyond her control.
 When more women turn up dead in the Bayou, only Macy can help the FBI catch the Butcher before he kills again.
 What no one knows is that this time the monster is out for revenge and is pulling Macy into his carefully planned trap.  


Student Body is the second book in the Chance O'Brien Trilogy. 

Book 2 in the Chance O'Brien Trilogy

Chance O’Brian is back with his FBI wife Macy Adams and his loyal homicide partner Cassandra Romero to solve the death of a pretty cheerleader. The young girl has been brutally murdered and her body left in the parking lot of a local high school. All the evidence points to one suspect but are the clues to good to be true. Jake Windham the local college hero is fighting to prove his innocence with all the cards stacked against him and a killer in pursuit bent on revenge.


The Devil Makes the Rules is the third book in the Chance O'Brien Trilogy.

Book 3 in the Chance O'Brien Trilogy

Brett Adams has a secret. A secret that destroyed his marriage and carved the path he would take in life. Now Brett is missing, and his ex-wife Macy and her detective husband Chance O’Brien must find him.

They travel to Key West, Florida, and El Paso, Texas, and discover a trail of blood and lies that shock Macy to the core. Now she realizes she had been married to a stranger. But it isn’t just Brett’s life in peril; an innocent young woman and her mother are also missing. Chance and Macy must unravel Brett’s deception to save his life and the life of the woman he loves. 

Stolen Laughter is the first of two books about the Cameron Brothers and the women they love.

Bryce Cameron is a struggling author who meets Hannah Brody, a bright optimistic psychologist who is beginning her career. Their chance encounter on a plane ride to Denver turns their lives upside down. 

Bryce is the good son who always did what was expected to please his overbearing, dominating father and his pretentious mother while his younger brother Quinn could do nothing right. Quinn, the rebel, falls for Dixie Lee King, a girl from the wrong side of the tracks. He runs as far away as he can from his past only to come full circle for the love of his life. 

Although the brothers have taken different paths in life, they reunite when a sudden tragedy strikes Bryce, and the two men begin a quest to find the truth about Hannah’s life that is shrouded in secrets. 

At a restaurant, when Bryce hears laughter from across the room, he is sure that he has found Hannah, the girl of his dreams that he cannot live without. Through a series of unexpected twists and turns, Bryce and Quinn must confront true evil to find the happiness they both deserve.

Terminal Identity is the sequel to Stolen Laughter. Readers wanted to know more about the Cameron brothers and Lenny Raines, a fascinating new character introduced in the Stolen Laughter.

Lenny Raines has been hired to keep young and fragile Juliette safe and to determine who and why someone wants to harm her. Lenny isn’t your average hero and has scars of his own from a troubled and dangerous past. He is intrigued by Juliette’s stubborn determination and admires her courage in the face of danger. 

Lenny tries to push aside the growing intense feelings he has for Juliette. The last time he became involved it almost cost him everything. As a killer emerges from the shadows, Lenny must risk everything to protect the woman he loves.

*For the best reading experience, be sure to read Stolen Laughter first.


Angel Falls is the first of two books about Roddy Eastman and his sister Kris.

Russell Murphy emerges from the New Mexico wilderness as a man on the run from tragedy and guilt. He walks straight into the life of Magdalena Morales, a proud, headstrong woman trying to keep her family’s centuries-old legacy out of the hands of a ruthless enemy. An enemy who isn’t afraid to kill to get what he wants. 

Trust develops between them, and with Russell’s help, Magdalena’s future looks bright. Then, an unimaginable truth from Russell’s past confronts her, and she is forced to choose between the man she loves and the cold hard facts.

Crimson Roses continues the story of Roddy Eastman, his sister Kris, and an exciting new character, veternarian Pepper Chan.


You can purchase all of the eBooks here and read it on your Kindle Reader. If you don't have a Kindle, no problem. You can download a free Kindle reader for any smartphone, iPad, PC, or Mac. The download is offered on the Kindle website.

Judi and I hope you enjoy reading our books as much as we enjoyed writing them. Click here to learn more about the writing team of Tess Thompson.


Our Hearts Remember. A story of a close, loving family in crisis. The amazing cover was designed by Charles Bourland. (He is an amazingly talented graphic designer who just happens to by my cousin.)

Patricia Gillespie’s life revolves around her husband, Mac; her daughter, Alaina; and her precious five-year-old granddaughter Patti-cake. A tragic accident and a devastating illness change everything in Patricia’s life, and she must deal with the possibility of losing everyone she loves.


"This story, while fiction, is realistic and an engaging read. I didn't want to put the book down and wondered about the well-developed characters when doing other things. The author tells this story in three voices which I liked and told it in sequential order so it wasn't a needless puzzle to solve. It is a relationship story with heart-tugging moments."--Carolyn Wilhelm


The Van Winkle Bride is my first romantic suspense novel. It is a complicated plot revolving around a woman who went to sleep and awoke twenty-years later in a different state with a man she didn't know.

Shirine McVey was engaged to Jeff Fordham, a kind, gentle man who stirred her blood as no man ever had. That was twenty years ago. She awakens in a strange town-married to a man she doesn't know. Where is Jeff? Could her vivid memories of him be only a dream? No. It was not possible to fabricate that once in a lifetime love-a love that, even after twenty years, would not die.

"Wow, what a great story. Not predictable! I could not put this down and had to finish it in one day. This is my favorite Charlene Tess book so far. It was her first, but I have already read others. There is no specific order to these books, but this would be my first recommendation." -- Carolyn Wilhelm

The Rebecca Bride/Romantic Suspense 

Zeke Milligan is stuck between a rock and a hard place. He is desperately in love with Lynn, but a dark secret from his past continues to rear its ugly head. Worse yet, he persistently punishes the love of his life for events that took place before he ever met her. Should he tell her the truth and clear his conscience? Will honesty cost him the only true love he has ever known? Or will Lynn understand that the past events were beyond his control and forgive him for his deceit.
"Have you ever read a book and long after you put the book away, the characters stay with you? Such is the case with Charlene Tess' The Rebecca Bride. Handsome Zeke Milligan has a hidden past that prevents him from giving his all to his true love, Lynn. Unable to understand why Zeke holds back, Lynn gives up hope and moves away. Will Zeke resolve his problems and win back the love of his life? Just as he seems to, other burdens fall on him until he can't seem to escape the burden of his past.
This roller-coaster romance will keep you turning the pages as you root for Zeke and Lynn. It's a great read." --L. C. Hayden

The Cowboy’s Treasure/Historical Romance

In August of 1868, Sarah White is left alone to care for her four-year-old brother and save the family homestead in Ogallala, Nebraska. She hires Jeremiah Boyd, a twenty-six-year-old Texas cowboy stranded after the summer trail drive, who is willing to work for room and board. When there is not enough cash to pay the mortgage her no-account half-brother, Wilber, plans to take over the farm. Jeremiah’s bold plan is to return to Texas, buy longhorn cattle and drive them north to sell to the government. He tells her to trust him and rides off with her heart and her future in his hands.

"An amazing love story not only between a man and a woman but the love of a child. Not only are the main characters developed but the reader gets to know enough about the other people in the novel without getting bogged down in unnecessary detail. The reader never has to read through paragraph after paragraph of unnecessary description but instead, small bites of information are revealed throughout the story. An easy book to read and a hard book to put down. My favorite romance novel ever. Touched my heart and soul. A must read." -- Halley Glen


All of my books are available as Kindle editions. You will find them here.
If you don't have a Kindle, no problem. You can download a free Kindle reader for any smartphone, iPad, PC, or Mac. The download is offered on the Kindle website.

I do all my reading on my Kindle, my iPhone, or my iPad because they come with a built-in night light.

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