Monday, March 21, 2011

Show Your Gratitude

Say "thank you."  Choose one: A hug? A note?  A phone call? An email? A text? That’s all it takes to make you appear and feel grateful for gifts and kind deeds you have received. To forget to say thanks is selfish and shows the worst of manners.

Tell the Truth

Even if it frightens you to tell the truth, do it. When a man lies to avoid the consequences of his actions, he creates an even more serious problem for himself. Now, he has to deal with his actions and his lie.

Keep Your Word

The most important possession a man has is his word. When you give your word, you must live up to it. Don’t make a promise unless you know you can keep it.

A message to three great guys. . .

This year, my blog entries are for my three grandsons. There are things I want them to know, and we do not always have the time to talk about them when we are together. It is my hope that someday when they are older, these words might mean something to them. I have learned these things from my amazing parents, from my amazing husband, and from my own life experiences.