Sunday, July 17, 2011

Commonly Confused Words

The following words are frequently confused and used incorrectly:

their=belong to them
there=location (Replace it with the similar word “where.”)

whose=belongs to whom
Whose coat is this?

who’s=who is (Read a contraction as two words.)
Who’s coming with me tonight?

After you finish writing a paper, do a word search for the words above to be sure you have chosen the correct word. 

Fast Food and Eating Fast

Don’t eat fast food every day and don’t eat your food fast.
Learn to cook. Grill or broil some fish, chicken, or a steak. Open a package of frozen vegetables and pop them in the microwave. Buy some fresh fruit, cut it up, and toss it around with 2 tablespoons of flavored yogurt for dessert.
Chew your food slowly, and enjoy its flavor. If you do, you will feel full faster and digest your food easier.