Thursday, February 12, 2015

Two Spaces Between Sentences is a No No

Proofreading is a skill that all writers must master. If you are using a typewriter like the one pictured above, this article is not for you. However, if you are using a word processor or a computer, the rule about the spaces between sentences has changed.

After you have labored over an article, an essay, or a piece of fiction trying to say exactly what you mean, it would be a shame to ruin the whole effect with mistakes. If you do not find the errors before you submit your piece, believe me, someone else will.

Many people make the mistake of placing two spaces between sentences when using a computer or a word processor. It is totally incorrect to do so. That practice is a holdover from typing class. It was necessary then, but it is wrong to do so now.

There is a difference between typesetting and typing, and we computer users are actually doing our own typesetting.

You can read more about it here.

If you have already created something and need to change your document so that there is only one space between each sentence you can use the FIND feature in WORD.

Press Ctrl Find on a P.C. or Command Find on a Mac. Click on the Replace tab. In the first box type a period and two spaces. In the second box, type a period and one space. Then click on replace all.

Remember, you will also have to do that for several other combinations.

If you are writing dialogue, you will need to also find the following:
After you have finished making the changes, you can run a check to see if you missed anything.

1. Click the round Office button in the upper-left corner of the window.
2. Click the Word Options button.
3. Click Proofing.
4. Down near Grammar, click the Settings button.
5. Set the "Spaces required between sentences" list box to 1.
6. Click OK.

Then go to the Review Tab on the ribbon and do a spell check. It will stop on sentences that have more than one space between them. In the future, you will see a red wavy line between sentences that have more than one space.

Everything you write using a computer or a tablet will look more professional if you single space between sentences.

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