Tuesday, October 13, 2015

All Treats and No Tricks for Teachers

All Treats and No Tricks for Teachers. 

All treats and no tricks for Teachers

Here's a treat just for you!

Practice with Sentence Patterns

It's almost Halloween and all teachers could use a treat. Students enjoy doing activities that relate to Halloween. In this FREE activity, Practice With Sentence Patterns, students will rewrite sentences without changing their meaning by moving phrases and clauses to the beginning of the sentence. This will be good practice for students to achieve sentence variety, and at the same time, they will be reminded of the spooky things that are associated with Halloween. Enjoy! 

Halloween Songs Exercise

Here's another activity your students will enjoy. This is a fun Halloween activity that works best if students work in pairs or in small groups. They will enjoy changing the lyrics of familiar Christmas songs to spooky or funny Halloween songs. 

This handout is ready to give to students with no further explanation needed from the teacher. It is a sneaky way to work in practice with rhyme and syllables while students have fun.

I had my students do this exercise a few days before Halloween and they would sing the songs aloud in class much to the delight of their classmates. Students of all ages enjoy doing this.

I hope you and your students enjoy using this. It is priced at only $3.

I am happy to participate in the All Treats and No Tricks for Teachers Blog Hop hosted by ELA Buffet and Desktop Learning Adventures. Thank you, ladies for the opportunity.