Saturday, October 17, 2020

Tips for Knowing When to Use Who, That, and Which

Here are a few simple hints to help you decide whether to use “who,” “that,” or “which” in the sentences you write.

Use “who” when referring to people. For example, The man who answered the phone was very polite.

Use "that" for clauses that define specific people or things and provide necessary information. For example, The cake that I made yesterday was delicious. (You are talking about a specific cake.)

Use "which" in a nonessential clause that adds information but is not necessary to the meaning of the sentence. 
For example, The movie, which I saw yesterday, was about a war hero.

Nonrestrictive clauses that begin with “which” should be placed in between commas or in between parentheses. A nonrestrictive clause is one that can be omitted without changing the meaning of the sentence.

I hope you can use the tips above, and that you are doing well. Stay safe!

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