Simple Steps to Sentence Sense Video Series

Do your students need help with analyzing English sentences? 

Maybe they are just learning English for the first time, or they are taking a foreign language that requires them to know sentence structure. Whatever the reason, I can help. 

Grammar is my specialty. I have always loved taking sentences apart and putting them back together, and I taught my students how to do it for over three decades.

If your students, children, or grandchildren need help, I have exactly what you need. I have recently uploaded a series of videos that will guide you through the 8 steps of the Simple Steps to Sentence Sense series. The videos are short and easy to understand. and they each have a downloadable practice exercise with the answers.

You can use them with students who enroll late in the year, with students who need tutoring, or you could let the videos do the teaching for you. Just make copies of the notes from my book and give each student a copy. Then play the video for them, sit back, and let me explain the step.

I hope you and your students find these videos helpful.

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