Sunday, September 18, 2022

Video Lessons Make Teaching Grammar Easy

Have you noticed how many students are all about videos? My grandson can learn how to do anything he wishes by watching YouTube, and he prefers watching videos, although he also loves to read.

I’ve spent many hours throughout the summer creating instructional videos and practice worksheets to accompany my Simple Steps to Sentence Sense High School Grammar Book. They will also be helpful for teachers who use the Simple Steps to Sentence Sense Middle School Grammar Book.
My goal is to make the lessons and activities clearer for 
visual and auditory learners while also providing worksheets to encourage students to analyze sentences on their own. 

I also hope that watching these videos will help teachers prepare for each step before presenting it to their students. 
In the videos, I talk directly to the students and explain each step in the program. The videos include:
  •  How to Use Sam (Sentence Analysis Map)
  •  Step 1 – Finding the Prepositional Phrases
  •  Step 2 – Finding the Verb
  •  Step 3 – Finding the Subject
  •  Step 4A – Finding the Action Verb Complements (Direct Object, Indirect Object, and Objective Complement)
  • Step 4L – Finding the Linking Verb Complements (Predicate Nominative and Predicate Adjective)
  •  Step 5 – Finding Adjectives and Adverbs 
  •  Step 6 – Finding Phrases (Participial, Gerund, Infinitive, and Appositive)
  •  Step 7 – Finding Clauses (Independent, Adjective, Adverb, and Noun)
  • Step 8 – Classifying sentences (Simple, Compound, Complex, and Compound/Complex)
As I explain each step, I tell students the tips and tricks that I used with my own students. Even the most reluctant learner can understand and be successful when using my method of learning grammar. Learning grammar does not have to be difficult.
You can use the videos as an introduction before you start each step in the book or as a follow-up to be sure they have mastered each step before they move on to the next. If you are familiar with my grammar program, you know that it’s all about the sequence in which you teach sentence analysis. It’s easy if you follow the steps in order. Your students will make good grades and be successful. 
These videos are a valuable tool to use with students who enter your classroom late in the year and need to catch up with your class. They are also helpful for students who are absent and miss the class in which you presented the lesson. 
Here is a link to the (FREE to you) Step One 
Video: Finding Prepositional Phrases.
You can buy the videos individually as needed, or you can save 20% off the individual resources if you buy the bundle. You will find these videos here in my TpT store.

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